Afia the Herbalist


Afia Lockett, a past Georgia Tech Research I

Afia's passion for holistic Black liberation and making natural healing tools accessible to everyone is made possible by the support of the Afia's Leaf community.

Afia’s Leaf is the embodiment of Afia Lockett’s dedication and vision. As CEO, she steers the company, transforming from a seeker of knowledge to a provider of solutions. Afia’s Leaf represents over five years of learning about indigenous herbal remedies through real-world experiences in Africa and Latin America, as well as botanical studies at the University of Georgia.

At Afia's Leaf, our logo is the West African adinkra symbol of Sankofa - meaning wisdom and understanding can be found from the past. We encourage our family to return to their roots, and rely on their inner knowledge for self-evaluation and direction towards wellness. We believe in the body's God-given ability to heal itself.