Afia the Herbalist



Afia's Leaf is a small organization founded by Afia the Herbalist. Afia is currently an undergraduate Ecology student at the University of Georgia with a passion for holistic black liberation and good health.


Born in New Orleans, Afia naturally understood the importance of embracing life; going to crawfish boils at the lake and enjoying a community-centered lifestyle. After Hurricane Katrina, Afia relocated to the busy city of Atlanta, GA. She often felt the economically-focused environment around her affected the health of herself and others.
Her inspiration to return to less capitalistic ways of living, as well as traditional medicine, happened after an eye-opening stay in Cape Coast, Ghana. While in Ghana, Afia rediscovered her innate sense of Spirituality and learned the principle of "Sankofa".


Before her awakening, Afia was successfully launching her career in software engineering but felt her purpose was not truly being fulfilled. After spending time in the hospital for chronic gut inflammation (spiritual unalignment with self), her Spirit guided her to pursue a life of healing. Afia now passionately studies the connections between Asaase Yaa (Mother Earth) - healing herbs, sound, meditation, Rastafarian and Akan traditions, color - and the human body.


At Afia's Leaf, our logo is the adinkra symbol of Sankofa - meaning wisdom and understanding can be found from the past. We encourage our family to return to their roots and rely on their inner knowledge to examine their health issues. All disease is a manifestation of inner conflict. We believe in the body's God-given ability to heal itself.


Our Misson: At Afia's Leaf, we facilitate HEALING by educating the nation on the spiritual powers of plants and herbs