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Why Herbal Supplement: Antiviral and Lung Support

Herbalist Afia created this blend with tons of scientific studies that back it up.

Some of the key ingredients include:

  • Licorice Root which is antiviral (1)(2) , antibacterial (3)(4), anticancer(5)(6), anti-inflammatory(7), and hepatoprotective(8)
  • Olive Leaf which is antioxidant (1), anti-inflammatory (2), antimicrobial(3)(4), anti-HIV(5), anticancer (6)(7)(8)


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Why Herbal Supplement: Blood Pressure Formula

Protecting your Heart is absolutely vital to good physical and spiritual health. This herbal formula is used to strengthen the heart muscle, while helping to normalize and regulate blood pressure. It also helps to improve blood circulation and provide essential nutrients to your body.

Blockage of the heart/thymus energy center predisposes the body to illness. Correctly aligned, the heart is awakened with feelings of self-love as well as the expression of love towards others.  

Our formula includes ingredients such as Hawthorn Berry that studies suggest has a broad range of pharmacological properties, including anti-inflammatory (1), gastroprotective (2), antimicrobial (3), and cardioprotective effects (4).

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Why Herbal Supplement: Nature's Hormonal Balance

Originally, Herbalist Afia created this formula to help her family members suffering from Yemoja Imbalances such as PCOS, severe hormonal acne, hot flashes, moving pains (rheumatoid arthritis), etc. This formula helps balance the female reproductive hormones and supports the graceful transition of the natural phases of women's life including menstrual cycles and menopause. 


One of our ingredients, Black Cohosh, has antiosteoporotic effects (1) and was shown to be really effective in reducing hot flashes. (2)

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